How We Could All Use a Little Molly Gilles in Our Lives

If you are a living, breathing human there is a good chance you have something to learn from Molly Gilles. Like how to laugh at yourself instead of being embarrassed, how to smile in the face of adversity, how to know when it’s time to be responsible and do the right thing or how to pour love and light over every person you meet.

Anyone who knows Molly personally, knows she does all four of those things on a daily basis.



Try having a conversation with that girl without laughing or smiling once – it’s simply impossible.

“Every single time I come into work, we all have a big laugh about something,” Molly giggled as we relaxed on the queen size bed in Flutter’s light pink upstairs room used for photo shoots.

It is that charm that brought her and the Flutter family together when she began modeling for the store two years ago. She and her mother, Becky, reached out to Flutter owner Erin Morrison to inquire about modeling, something Molly has always enjoyed. Being that she was only 17, she identified with a different demographic than the store’s usual clientele at the time, but Erin decided to give it a shot anyway. After some one-on-one time filled with shooting and non-stop laughter, Erin knew she wanted Molly to be part of the Flutter family for the long run.

Molly began working in the store on the sales floor this past summer, after modeling for Flutter for a year and a half.

“We have watched her grow in such a beautiful way the past two years,” Erin said as we sipped on our Lucid Coffee usuals on the second floor of the Refinery alongside Ande McConnell. Our table cluttered with purses, a couple bibles, three iPhones and a MacBook – the essentials for any decent Friday morning chat. “When she is on the floor helping people and serving them, they can’t help but fall in love with her heart. They love that they can see her on our social media and come into the store and see her heart.”

“We know she is a beautiful girl, everyone knows she is a beautiful girl,” Ande added. “But I don’t think enough people realize that she is even more beautiful on the inside, and that’s the part that matters.”

They both agree that they have seen her realize her worth and become a more self-assured and responsible young woman since meeting her as a bubbly high schooler.

“She works her butt off in school for good grades and she gets them, she does that while juggling a job and she also knows her stuff when it comes to modeling and photography,” Erin mused.

This journey of growth is not only recognized by Flutter employees and customers, Molly sees it in herself as well.

“Erin is kind of like a mom to me and a best friend. Modeling is something I like to do and she makes it more fun, but I also think I have learned a lot from her,” Molly said as her brand new black Mukluks shuffled on the fur comforter as she continued. “When I first got to Flutter, you could tell I was totally a kid. I would always be late and everyone knew that work wasn’t always my first priority. But I think Flutter has shaped me into an adult. It has made me get my priorities straight and use my time wisely”

“I just want to thank them for never giving up on me,” she added tearfully. “I know I was not a good employee at first, but I really think I’ve grown up because of them and because I know they want what’s best for me."

This beautiful growth, I know, will only continue as Molly continues her studies at the University of Southern Indiana to become a dietician while also working at Flutter.

“I just feel so honored to be a part of Molly’s journey,” Erin said “She will always have a special place in my heart.”

~ Written by Bradie Gray

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  • Paul Ramey

    Bradie’s words ring so true. What a very well written tribute. Molly Sue is the real deal.

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