Maddie McWilliams’ Nomadic Upbringing and Ginuwine Jams

“How do you see yourself wearing this shirt?” Flutter owner Erin Morrison said to one of the more prominent faces of the boutique, Maddie McWilliams, as they prepared for a crisp Saturday afternoon photo shoot.

“Definitely with food stains on it,” Maddie replied matter-of-factly.

Maddie is the epitome of “girl next door” – laid back, down to earth, easy to talk to and effortlessly beautiful. Within seconds of arriving at Flutter last weekend to model the new fall and winter arrivals, she had everyone in the back office laughing as she told them of her Ginuwine obsession – a quality that made her all but giddy to try on the “Slow Jams” sweatshirt hanging with the rest of the outfits for the shoot. It was obvious that she was no stranger to lighting up every room her classic, black high top vans stepped into.

Maddie holds her nomadic lifestyle responsible for her outgoing spirit. Having lived in Evansville, New York, Washington D.C., Nashville, Bloomington and Indianapolis throughout her twenty-two years, she learned to make friends with just about every type of person there is.

“I’ve totally lived the life a gypsy, but I think moving around as a kid was one of the best things for me,” she said as we sat across from each other on the couch in Flutter’s second story dressing room. Her wavy, blonde bob contrasted perfectly against the light pink walls as she continued, “It forced me to be social, outgoing and very open-minded and accepting because that’s how I wanted people to be towards me. I really don’t think I would be anything like I am now without those experiences. Even though it was hard as a kid to try to make friends everywhere, it helped me a lot later on in life.”

Although Maddie has called many different places home throughout her life and now resides in Indianapolis where she works as the executive assistant for the minor league hockey team, Indy Fuel, the Evansville and Newburgh area is where she finds herself visiting the most – looking for any excuse to come back to this specific “home.”

In fact, one of the reasons she decided to model for Flutter was because it gave her a good reason to come home.

“My very first experience with Flutter was with my best friend Andrew,” she said, referring to our uber stylish mutual friend Andrew Gerst. “He told me, ‘I want to take you to Flutter because I know you would love everything about it.’”

Maddie was a little hesitant at first, but ended up loving the vibe and the pieces Flutter had to offer, just as Andrew had predicted. She ended up buying three or four pieces that day and less than a month later, she was contacted through Instagram being asked if she would be interested in modeling for them. She happily accepted, thinking of it as a fun excuse to come home for a weekend. She immediately hit it off with everyone she worked with during the first shoot and has been coming back to model ever since.

“In a weird way, I feel like I’ve gotten marketing and promotional experience just from modeling for them. For instance, one of our sideline reporters for Indy Fuel started buying stuff from Flutter because she saw it on my Instagram. So now people in Indy are being exposed to Flutter, becoming interested in it and shopping here. So it’s good to see how my crazy nomadic lifestyle has had an impact.”

Maddie says she will always make her way back to Newburgh whenever possible and will always make time for Flutter.

“I am so loyal to this boutique because they are so loyal to me and all of their customers,” Maddie said as we both gushed over her first outfit of the day – a red, crushed velvet halter dress paired with suede nude heels. “The personalized shopping experience is what makes Flutter so unique. I can text Erin and let her know that I want this velvet dress and she’ll know exactly what size to grab. Or I can text her and be like ‘Hey, I need a dress for a wedding, what do you have?’ and she’ll say ‘I’ll just pull something for you.’ and I know it will be something that I will love. They know each individual customer and their needs and exactly what they like. You really can’t get that anywhere else. When you come here, you just feel very valued and important.”

~ Written by Bradie Gray

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